weekly challenge - product line for TOMS

This week's challenge is creating a new product line for a brand. 

The brand I got is TOMS.

Although I am not a big fan of TOMS shoes (Sorry, I am a VANS girl.), I appreciate this company a lot. I have to say that "One for One" is such a clever business plan. Self identity is one of the most important thing for us these days. We don't like to be "tagged" or say be stereotyped by others because we all want to be the unique one, yet we subconsciously "tag" ourselves through our appearance and action. We curate our own images through every details of our lives:  We choose the food we eat, the outfits we wear, or even the photos we post on social media.

Through purchasing and using TOMS products, we are not only put the thought of helping others in action, but also spreading this idea out, and letting people know that we participate in TOMS' vision. What TOMS creates is more than a win-win, but this "win-win-win-win" opportunity: 1. Customers get a new pair of shoes to wear, 2. Customers can simply show they caring by wearing the TOMS shoes, 3. People in need can get a new pair of shoes to wear as well, 4. TOMS makes profit, and that's the key to lead this brand to success.

Inspired by a current TOMS product line and "One for One" strategy: a cup of coffee = fresh water in developing countries, I design a series of water filters, which use natural wood as the filter (The function of water purify has been proofed by MIT, no joke.)  The business concept is that a customer buy a household water filter or a cold brew coffee maker (with build-in water filter), TOMS will provide a portable water filter to a person in need in developing countries.