This week's task is creating a logo from a random combination of an objective and a noun. 

The words I got is "Metallic Tortoise", and I built a concept of a high-class online social platform based on it. 

Before I sketch out any ideas, I better to figure out what's this logo designed for: What type of business/ organization does it stand for? What kind of products/ services does it provide? Who are the target users? And most importantly, how to make the design clever? I started with my typical problem solving mindset and tried to solve this challenge, but it brought me to nowhere.

While I was chatting with my friends about the topic, a Chinese slang came to my head: 金龜 (jin gui), which means a rich husband, and the literal translation is "golden turtle" . 

"What if Metallic Tortoise is an online dating app that can help you find your rich future husband? "

Online dating apps go viral in the past few years, yet how people view this new culture could be totally opposite. Some people enjoy the streamlined dating process, while people dislike it because of the shopping mentality. Well I would like to embrace the negative impression of online dating, and create a brand for this concept: Metallic Tortoise, a high-class online social platform, or say an online dating application for gold diggers. 

As you see the final design, the first impression is a hexagon shape, which represents the pattern on turtle shells, and create a sense of stable and credible. The second read is the bow tie in the center and a lip shape on the top and the bottom, which represent the users, attracting ladies and gentlemen.