Sea turtle - RC CAR design

To polish my skill of 3D modeling, I participated in an advanced SolidWorks studio in spring 2014. 

The challenge of this studio is learning SolidWorks and rapid prototyping through redesigning a RC car, and my solution is designing a Sea Turtle RC toy based on an existing RC car in SolidWorks and building a working model.

Measuring and Modeling

Taking apart the APEX 4WD 1/18 Electric Mini Touring Car, measuring and modeling in SolidWorks to learn how to use the software to build a real size model.

3D model (accurate to 0.001”) based on the original model of an RC car

3D model (accurate to 0.001”) based on the original model of an RC car

RC Car Redesign

Redesign a working rapid prototype of the RC car utilizing the same internal components. 

To celebrate Summer, I decided to go for the direction of designing a vivid and cute sea creature based on an RC toy. I chose sea turtle to create a huge contrast between the speedy RC car and the slow sea turtle.  

The sea turtle include two servos: one for controlling the steering, and the other for arms to capture to paddling movements.  

Test Printing
Checking if the parts fit together, fine tuning the tolerances and testing the functions.

Final Design
To capture the cuteness of sea turtle and simplify the form language isn’t easy. I want to create a more playful RC sea turtle design with emphasis on finish and details.