FInal presentation - Ori - Furniture design for outdoor public space

It is a 14-week long personal project sponsored by MADWORKSHOP - The Martin Architecture and Design Workshop, and I would like to share my final design below.  

Ori is a set of outdoor furniture design for public space that the design is inspired by origami, paper folding. It brings the sense of energy into the outdoor public furniture in a playful way, and also provides the sitters an engaging social experience outside. 

There are three different sizes of benches in ori. The layout of the bench enhances the interaction between the sitters, allows them talking to each other face-to-face to have a better social experience.

The Dotted Line

The Dotted Lines on the benches work as drain holes functionally, and create the second read of the design to increase the sense of paper folding aesthetically.

Manufacturing, Material, and Finishing

The whole piece of the benches are made by steel with powder coating finishing. The manufacturing process includes: Water jet cutting the outline and pattern, welding the pieces together, and polishing the welded parts.