Color Roller - Pull toy design

Color roller is the project that I did in my 2nd term in ArtCenter, and it was also my first time to go through the entire design process to finish a project. 

ArtCenter Graduation show - Industrial night

After four years in ArtCenter, this is our big day!

Presenting the works from 9 am to 10 pm, it was such an intense schedule, yet all the smile on our faces are so real. I am truly thankful for all the crit and guidance from my instructors, and It's my honor to graduate with my awesome peers! 

And yes, Tina out! 

Sea turtle - RC CAR design

To polish my skill of 3D modeling, I participated in an advanced SolidWorks studio in spring 2014. 

The challenge of this studio is learning SolidWorks and rapid prototyping through redesigning a RC car, and my solution is designing a Sea Turtle RC toy based on an existing RC car in SolidWorks and building a working model.

Measuring and Modeling

Taking apart the APEX 4WD 1/18 Electric Mini Touring Car, measuring and modeling in SolidWorks to learn how to use the software to build a real size model.

3D model (accurate to 0.001”) based on the original model of an RC car

3D model (accurate to 0.001”) based on the original model of an RC car

RC Car Redesign

Redesign a working rapid prototype of the RC car utilizing the same internal components. 

To celebrate Summer, I decided to go for the direction of designing a vivid and cute sea creature based on an RC toy. I chose sea turtle to create a huge contrast between the speedy RC car and the slow sea turtle.  

The sea turtle include two servos: one for controlling the steering, and the other for arms to capture to paddling movements.  

Test Printing
Checking if the parts fit together, fine tuning the tolerances and testing the functions.

Final Design
To capture the cuteness of sea turtle and simplify the form language isn’t easy. I want to create a more playful RC sea turtle design with emphasis on finish and details.   

Branding Strategies - Brand book for Disney interactive

I took a branding class - Branding Strategies by Terry Lee Stone this summer.

Branding plays such an important role in this era. No matter how great the product/ service is, without a thoughtful branding strategy, the shine of it will be buried in this humongous market. However, as a product design student, branding is not a subject that we often discuss in our studio. It's a great experience for me to understand the meaning and value of branding in a deeper level. 

The first assignment is a 5-weeks personal project: creating a Brand Book for one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 15 Most Important Global Brands. Studying the brand, define the current challenge, and propose three strategies to solve the problem.  

The brand I studied is Disney Interactive, and I would like to share my work below.


Recollcetor - metal finished interactive SOUVENIR

This fall I participated in the design studio - Material and Explorations - Metal finishing, which was sponsored by NASF (National Association for Surface Finishing) and MFASC (Metal Finishing Association of Southern California)

The challenge of this project is to rethink the application of metal finishing.

FInal presentation - Ori - Furniture design for outdoor public space

It is a 14-week long personal project sponsored by MADWORKSHOP - The Martin Architecture and Design Workshop, and I would like to share my final design below.  

Ori is a set of outdoor furniture design for public space that the design is inspired by origami, paper folding. It brings the sense of energy into the outdoor public furniture in a playful way, and also provides the sitters an engaging social experience outside. 

There are three different sizes of benches in ori. The layout of the bench enhances the interaction between the sitters, allows them talking to each other face-to-face to have a better social experience.

The Dotted Line

The Dotted Lines on the benches work as drain holes functionally, and create the second read of the design to increase the sense of paper folding aesthetically.

Manufacturing, Material, and Finishing

The whole piece of the benches are made by steel with powder coating finishing. The manufacturing process includes: Water jet cutting the outline and pattern, welding the pieces together, and polishing the welded parts.


weekly challenge - product line for TOMS

This week's challenge is creating a new product line for a brand. 

The brand I got is TOMS.

Although I am not a big fan of TOMS shoes (Sorry, I am a VANS girl.), I appreciate this company a lot. I have to say that "One for One" is such a clever business plan. Self identity is one of the most important thing for us these days. We don't like to be "tagged" or say be stereotyped by others because we all want to be the unique one, yet we subconsciously "tag" ourselves through our appearance and action. We curate our own images through every details of our lives:  We choose the food we eat, the outfits we wear, or even the photos we post on social media.

Through purchasing and using TOMS products, we are not only put the thought of helping others in action, but also spreading this idea out, and letting people know that we participate in TOMS' vision. What TOMS creates is more than a win-win, but this "win-win-win-win" opportunity: 1. Customers get a new pair of shoes to wear, 2. Customers can simply show they caring by wearing the TOMS shoes, 3. People in need can get a new pair of shoes to wear as well, 4. TOMS makes profit, and that's the key to lead this brand to success.

Inspired by a current TOMS product line and "One for One" strategy: a cup of coffee = fresh water in developing countries, I design a series of water filters, which use natural wood as the filter (The function of water purify has been proofed by MIT, no joke.)  The business concept is that a customer buy a household water filter or a cold brew coffee maker (with build-in water filter), TOMS will provide a portable water filter to a person in need in developing countries. 


This week's task is creating a logo from a random combination of an objective and a noun. 

The words I got is "Metallic Tortoise", and I built a concept of a high-class online social platform based on it. 

Before I sketch out any ideas, I better to figure out what's this logo designed for: What type of business/ organization does it stand for? What kind of products/ services does it provide? Who are the target users? And most importantly, how to make the design clever? I started with my typical problem solving mindset and tried to solve this challenge, but it brought me to nowhere.

While I was chatting with my friends about the topic, a Chinese slang came to my head: 金龜 (jin gui), which means a rich husband, and the literal translation is "golden turtle" . 

"What if Metallic Tortoise is an online dating app that can help you find your rich future husband? "

Online dating apps go viral in the past few years, yet how people view this new culture could be totally opposite. Some people enjoy the streamlined dating process, while people dislike it because of the shopping mentality. Well I would like to embrace the negative impression of online dating, and create a brand for this concept: Metallic Tortoise, a high-class online social platform, or say an online dating application for gold diggers. 

As you see the final design, the first impression is a hexagon shape, which represents the pattern on turtle shells, and create a sense of stable and credible. The second read is the bow tie in the center and a lip shape on the top and the bottom, which represent the users, attracting ladies and gentlemen.